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Tuesday 27 November 2012

Your home should be filled with what you create ..

Whatever your craft, pottery, stitching or painting to name a few..let your art be around you in your home. As they say an Englishman's house is his castle and yes my house is my pride and joy. With a new baby brings the frustration of getting the decorating done. Looking at the paintwork whilst tied up with baby really grated on me, especially if you painted the wall yourself then saw you had missed a bit!

As we had only moved into our new home less than a year before baby turned up, it was one big push but now I look back and are proud we got on with it with bump in the way!

Here are a few of my gems that I just love and want to share with you ...

I just love to stitch, with a baby I have  not had to time but modern designs on old fashioned fabrics areally mix old and new. Search cross stitch in your search engine to find the best value stitching kits or charts, join a group to help you get started and off you go! I also love making candles and find odd cups etc at local pottery sale shops, melt your wax add a wick and a bespoke candle is yours!

I took pottery classes to look at 3D structure in craft, pottery isn't boring or just pots, you can coil or slab a pot together and give it a home-made organic twist. It is easier to take a class then do it at home but just look at what you can do with a few hours in the studio one evening per week?

I had to include my pin box, it has been with me from a child and always full of bits, especially with a baby I don't leave a pin anywhere. But my sewing has not only saved us a fortune but also created one off pieces in our home making it bespoke and so homely to come back to. Home sweet home

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