hand painted baby boy canvas

Friday 9 November 2012

I know that I have blogged about homemade canvases before...

but they are so personal and only take a few paints, paper and an hour to do!

You Will Need -

Watercolour paper
Watercolour fine brushes and one fat bristled brush
Soft B grade pencils
Watercolour paint
Water and glass
Saucer, tissue and greaseproof plus cling film to cover/fit the saucer

Design resource to be inspired from!

Go Create!

Stretch Your Paper..
First of all stretch your paper, take your watercolour paper and tape one side down, then with tap water lightly brush over the paper and then tape down the opposite side. This is called stretching your paper and means that you don't get puckering on the finished design.

Prep Your Paint..
Then prepare your paint tray, take a saucer and line with a damp tissue and add a piece of greaseproof on top. You will put your paint on the greaseproof when painting. If you need to stop for any reason cover your paints with a piece of cling film and your paint won't dry out! I have used this technique for years and it is fab (also saved me a fortune!)

Start To Draw..
I then take the letters and cut them out then trace around them on a paper, I download mine off the Internet or get the styles out of books.

Once you have your styled letters then draw around each letter a few shapes, on this one I used aeroplanes and racing cars. Give your design some sort of theme. I tend us use a soft pencil such as 2B and a rubber for mistakes.
Start To Paint...
Then we can start to paint, I get a palette of maybe 3 colours and take it from there. This design uses a retro brown to create an old fashion theme, but I have used some pastel colours for a summer birthday. Maybe add gold to a Christmas birthday?

Mix your paints up and only use a little as watercolour can go a long, long way!

Add some personal touches, such as celebration, theme, date and don't forget to sign it!

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