Herby Garden..in the freezer!

Friday 9 November 2012

Getting ready for fresh herbs through the winter...

This year I planted a herb garden, just over a year after moving in to our new house. I tried to live with herb pots at the back door but after seeing my Uncle using herbs as beautiful shrubs, I was up for the challenge!
So, this year I am getting a well established herb garden with thyme, sage, parsley, chives just to name a few! Oh and Lemon Balm (Melissa) which always takes over!
It is such a shame not to make the most of all my hard work and with a baby it feels like double hard work - so I have started to freeze my herbs so I can use fresh and dried in my culinary delight until next Spring.

So I harvest the herbs, wash and chop them and put them in clear freezer bags with the names on the front. So whenever I need sage or parsley it is in the freezer just waiting to be used.

I save a fortune on fresh supermarket herbs in the Winter and such a simple thing to do...

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