Autumn Soups

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Soup is warming and comforting and so easy to prep..

Mm mm, tonight I have been busy in the kitchen preparing my mushroom and parsnip soup for tomorrow's supper. Why the night before, well it is easier to cook now and leave in the fridge to chill until I am ready to blend and finally season...

Soups are so easy when you are a busy Mum. The formula is pretty much the same every time. Take your vegetables, make up the stock to cover the vegetables and cook slowly for 40 minutes then blend.

My soups are either creamy or tomato based. Then I make them seasonal and then add the herbs and spices. The secret is to keep it very simple. All my soups are onion and potato based. If I don't have potatoes I'll add another root vegetable to make the soup nice and thick especially for these cold days!

Here are a few of my favourites -

Cream of broccoli - A potato based soup with broccoli and oregano and creme fraiche. Make it thick and add the creme faiche at the end.

Mushroom and parsnip - The mushrooms add flavour and the parsnip is sweet. Add thyme from the freezer or garden at the end.

Italian kitchen soup - Add passatta and small pasta to finelly chopped seasonal vegetables. Add basil and fresh cream not forgetting a touch of chilli!


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