My Love For Vintage Patterns..

Tuesday 6 November 2012

I Thought Tonight I Would Share Babies First Birthday Dress ...& My Passion For Vintage Patterns!

I made my first skirt when I was 11, it was a circular skirt with a thick 1980's belt and I thought it was so fab!  Mum taught me how to read a pattern and how to lay out the material so I could make it go much further than the pattern stated! I could always get a belt or extra skirt out of my fabric quota!

I then got hooked, so much so that I did pattern cutting at school and then as part of my degree. I even made my own wedding dress with help from my teacher - my Mum!

For Baby L's first birthday I wanted to make her a vintage party dress, something that could not be bought in a shop. Something with puff sleeves and bows and cute ric-rac trim. Reading an old pattern was a bit of a challenge but I go there and so proud that I made her first birthday dress so unlike!

I'll keep on collection old patterns until I run out of space. These are from the 1950's from my Granny and I just love them. Maybe my next project?


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