Thou Shall Not Hoard

Thursday 15 November 2012

OK ,when does collecting for crafting become hoarding?

..I have a baby so when do my projects get finished!

Tonight, I decided that I needed to have a good sort out in my crafting room. With a young baby, it is easy to go and see an idea for a project online or in a book, go and buy the crafting items and then ..leave it !

I have always been an organised crafter, before baby came along. A little messy if you ask Mr S but yes I have have organised the sewing from the quilting, catalogued all the sewing patterns by date and even labelled up my papers for card making. Now I am a Mum everything is everywhere and I is starting to stress me out!

I googled Hoarding  and found that it is obsessive and compulsive. Oh dear me! I think just putting a start to the end of my hoarding crafting habits is a step in the right direction. So here is a little bit of organising and I aim to stick to Martha never has this problem?

Quick Fixes

  • Finish anything that takes less than one hour. Make a list and stick to it.
  • Throw away any extra packaging in the craft room.
  • Make a list of what you need to finish projects and only buy these from the craft store. Walk in and walk out with what is on the list.
  • Organise a section every few days, so that you can throw away anything that no longer is needed. Craft stuff can look old and dated so throw or better still freecycle or give in a charity bag.
  • Organise craft swaps, someone might want what you don't.
  • Be ruthless.

So with this in mind, I finally hemmed my jeans, both pairs..hey one down!!!

My hoarding days will turn around soon, I hope. The problem now is with programmes like Kirstie's Vintage Home I have a garage of old furniture finds to do some magic with!

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