Cute Felt Button Pin Badge

Friday 2 November 2012

Making Felt Badges ..

..using up all the scraps in these cute little badges, perfect little stocking fillers for christmas..

If you are like me, you will have boxes upon boxes of spare fabric and threads just waiting for that quick project?

This badge took me about 20 minutes and I love it...

You Will Need  -

15 cm x 15cm square of pink felt
Top off the loo blocks
Sewing threads
20cm bias binding or fabric to make bias. I just love Cath Kidston's new range of bias!
10cm double satin ribbon (about 10mm wide)
2 buttons about 1cm across
1 saftey pin
30cm pink organza ribbon (5mm width)

Go Create!

This pictorial step by step is how I made this cute little pin badge for my daughter...

1. This is not the most glamourous picture but I use the loo block plastic as the template. I cut out the circular plastic and it make the basis of your badge!

 2. Stitch the plastic circle onto the felt. Do this on both sides of the plastic and trim.
 3. Then bias the edges. You have a front and a back for your badge.
 4. Take the pin and pin into the felt and stitch in place.

 6. Stitch on your buttons to the front and secure all spare threads in the hide and loose method. Then take your organza ribbon and loops and stitch to the back of the badge.

 6. Cut a peice of ribbon and hand stitch this onto your badge.
And that is it...a really simple felt badge..


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